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The Genius of Jose Feliciano

Volume 1 Song List

Volume 2 Song List

1. My Foolish Heart 1. 60 Years On
2. The First Time 2. God Bless The Child
3. She Still Smiles 3. Compared At What
4. Eleanor Rigby 4. Fire and Rain
5. I Want To Hold Your Hand 5. I'm So Glad We Met
6. The Seasons of Your Heart Back To You 6. I'll Come Running
7. Fill Up The Night 7. Believe Me When I Tell You
8. She's Got That Thing 8. I'll Remember You
9. We're In This Love 9. A Love That Will Last
10. Red Sky 10. Closer
11. Porto De'll Amore 11. Colors of Love
12. Pledge - Anthem 12. It's The Music
Bonus Track: Feliz Navidad  


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